Friends of Morpeth MuseumPutting the case for a Museum in Morpeth:

The "Friends of Morpeth Museum" was formed at a meeting held on 6th September 2001.

The aim of the Friends is to see a Museum established in the centre of Morpeth, to display the history of the town.

We are appealing for the support of residents, ex-residents and visitors who agree that there is a need for a Museum in Morpeth.

Morpeth has been a market town for at least 8 centuries. A Charter to hold a market was issued by King John in 1199, and it is believed to be a confirmation of an earlier charter. So Morpeth has a very long history, about which much is known.

The early history has survived in document form – for example, the edict of 1282, which demanded that all corn grown in Morpeth should be ground at the Lord’s Mill. That edict was still being enforced in the 18th century.

In more recent times, artefacts have survived. However, both documents and artefacts are scattered around Morpeth and beyond. For example, the Morpeth Court Rolls are held by Durham University, although an enterprising Past Chairman of Morpeth Antiquarian Society obtained copies, now housed in the Northumberland Records Office, at present in Morpeth.

The Friends have a list of important artefacts that still exist. Their location is known. Their ownership is known. In some cases, promises have been made that if a museum existed, artefacts would be given or loaned on a long-term basis to it.

It is the belief of the Friends that the treasures of Morpeth should be brought together in one place, properly cared for and put on display to the general public.

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